Public Transport

Public Bus Transport to Memento Park from “Kelenfold vasutallomas” – METRO 4 with BUS No.101B, 101E and 150 to Budateteny vasutallomas (Campona).

Start time mon-fri in every 10 minutes, sat-sun in every 20 minutes.

The ride to Memento Park is ~10-20 min. Day passes, BKK-tickets (prepaid: 350 HUF, on the bus 450 HUF) and Budapest Cards are valid.

To access station of Kelenfold vasutallomas METRO 4 take one of the following METRO 4 stations:

From Pest-side:
- Keleti Palyaudvar (Keleti Railway Station), Metro 2
- Rakoczi ter (the Grand Boulevard), Tram 4 and 6
- Kalvin ter (National Museum), Metro 3, Tram 47 and 49
- Fovam ter (the Grand Market Hall, Vaci street), Tram 2

From Buda-side:
- Gellert ter (Gellert Bath), Tram 18, 19 and 41
- Moricz Zsigmond ter (tram 61 from Szell Kalman ter)
- Ujbuda Kozpont (Allee Shopping Mall), Tram 4

Bonus Tour
Traveling with number 150 bus to the Memento Park-15 minutes? Might be worried that this sounds too long and too boring? No! Unique stops throughout the journey, and places where tourists never go. MementoParkBonusTour pdf.file

Direct bus transfer to Memento Park from downtown at 11 A.M. (return at 1 P.M). The bus leaves from Deak Square (Deak ter – Metro N°1,2,3) from near the tourist bus stop. The program takes about 2hr 30 mins. Start every day at 11 A.M,(but not available between 7thJanuary – 29thFebruary. From March the bus runs on Saturdays and Sundays.), return at 1 P.M.

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Fast, easy, comfortable travel to Memento Park with our direct bus from downtown Budapest. Secrets, interesting facts background stories. 45 minutes long english speaking guided tours at Memento Park. Memento Park offers Guided Tours in english language every saturday and monday, when Direct Bus Transfer available, too. Price: 1.200 HUF/pers.

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Open every day 10 A.M.- 6 P.M.

Tickets are valid for a single entry to all sights. Photos and videos for private use are allowed to be taken free of charge.

Adults: 1.500 HUF
Students with ISIC CARD: 1.200 HUF
We accepted discount cards: Budapest Card, Hungary Card.

Dogs are allowed.

Address: Budapest XXII. kerület (Dél-Buda), corner of Balatoni út – Szabadkai utca

Memento Park

The Biggest Statues of the Darkest Dictatorship
Museum, Exhibitions, Film-showing, Trabant, Red Star Store
Gigantic Ghost and Statues from the Communist Dictatorship

Memento Park offers an exciting travelling back in time, forgotten statues of the communist dictatorship from behind the Iron Curtain. Gigantism, waving comrades, Stalin’s boots, and the Red Army soldiers. Exhibition of the 1956 revolution and 1989-90 political changes. The barrack-documentary explains the political secret service. How to recruit an agent? Insert a bug? What are the secret surveillance methods? In the vintage gift shop contemporary items, posters and other interesting gifts can be found.

Memento Park is not merely a remarkable museum but also a completely different world! Through its display of the communist period, the theme park is a reminder of the overthrow of a dictatorship. Public statues fashioned in the years of socialism and subsequently removed from the streets and squares of Budapest after the change of political system in 1989-90 make this a dramatic and powerful historical openair gallery. It is a final glimpse behind the Iron Curtain and has become one of the most popular sights of Budapest. In short: hundreds of tons of communism!

Within Memento Park, Statue Park itself is one of the most unique tourist destinations in Budapest, and also it has great photo opportunities for the visitors. It is an exciting and special place to visit when you are in Budapest.

Statue Park

Displayed in the Park are 42 pieces of art from the Communist era between 1945 and 1989, including allegorical monuments of “Hungarian-Soviet Friendship” and “Liberation”, as well as statues of famous personalities from the labour movement, soldiers of the Red Army and other gigantic pieces: Lenin, Marx, Engels, Dimitrov, Captain Ostapenko, Béla Kun and other “heroes” of the communist world. A favourite with visitors is the Liberation Army Soldier.

A hammer-and-sickle flag in its hand and a cartridge-disc machine pistol hanging in its neck make the statue complete. This 6-meter tall statue of the evil-eyed Soviet soldier once stood on the top of Gellért Hill in central Budapest, well-seen from every direction.


The Grandstand is a 1:1 replica of the tribune serving as the pedestal for the 8-meter-tall bronze statue of Soviet party secretary, head of state and general, Stalin. The crowd revolting against communist oppression sawed the statue at its knees and pulled it down on the 23rd of October, 1956. The General’s boots, however, remained on the pedestal to be a sarcastic reminder of the dictator. The Grandstand was once located on “Felvonulási tér” in central Budapest, where parades were held on Communist holidays. Communist leaders would stand on the Grandstand at
Stalin’s feet, waving at marching crowds that were forced to cheer them and celebrate.

North Barrack

The exhibition is in perfect accordance with the design concept of Memento Park. The gigantic artwork of Statue Park are to be symbolic reminders of the past era. The exhibition – with the monumental and shocking Boots of Stalin, symbol of the regime and its collapse at its focal point – gives an account of two turning points in 20th century Hungarian history. The events surrounding the 1956 revolution and the collapse of the system in 1989-90 – both conveying a deep longing for freedom – are represented in the display. Memento Park celebrations in honor of the 50th anniversary of the 1956 revolution are also part of the exhibition.


Back in the days of communism, the Ministry of Interior Affairs had its own film studio where several hundred short and full-length films were produced between the years 1958 and 1988. These films provided training and instruction to secret police agents on how to defend law and order in the regime.

In 2004 director Gábor Zsigmond Pap created a montage by editing these films. By looking behind the secret scenes, viewers learn about the methods these „often forced or bribed” agents and spies used, as well as about the work of their commanding officers and state security experts.

This montage, using the most exciting excerpts taken from period films, is a unique presentation of the operations and mindset of this ruthless organization run by the Kádár-regime.

The film is divided into four, 10-15-minute long parts:
1. The way to hide bugs
2. Introduction to house-searching
3. Methods of recruitment
4. Effective networking

The film is shown in the Memento Park Barrack Theatre in Hungarian, with English subtitles. A DVD version is available in the Memento Park shop.


Visitors at the Memento Park are welcome to get in and look around in this famous “people’s car”, one of the most popular picture-taking spots at the park. The car Trabant, its body made of pressed plastic units, was a unique product of the Eastern part of torn Germany (German Democratic Republic or GDR).


Best prices if you make a reservation online at Memento Park website. 20% reduction if you book in advance! Online Tickets must be bought by midnight (GMT time) on the day before your intended visit and used on the day selected at the time of purchase.

Fast, easy, comfortable travel to Memento Park with our direct bus from downtown Budapest, from Deak Square, every day at 11am.

Secrets, interesting facts background stories. 45 minutes long english speaking guided tours at Memento Park.

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